Know What Is So Unique About Slotomania Video Slot Game!!

SLOTO-22The games on the platform of Slotomania are very accessible and simple to be understood. There are no such complications involved for the new players that make it hard to understand. Infact, the novice players get a welcome bonus in the form of which is indeed a great form of encouragement for them. To begin with, the player gets a bonus of 500coins absolutely for free which itself elevates the level of excitement and engages the attention of the players in the levels of the game.

What is so unique about Slotomania?

  • On a social networking platform like facebook the slotomania slot machine creates an exquisite Las Vegas feel by bringing about the simulation of the real video amazing slot game. Indeed it creates an extraordinary experience that is loved by all the players all over the vicinity of the entire globe.
  • It is a new and unique type of gaming slot on the enormous platform of facebook and it is more about making an outreach to different levels in order to unlock various other slot games so that play keeps on without any hindrance.
  • Virtual coins are activated in order to proceed with the accumulation of coins instead of initiating a performance to win real money in the game.
  • On a conciliatory note, if you don’t have the patience to get free coins from your facebook friends or any other sources then you can probably go ahead and buy Slotomania coins from the different packages available at the digital platform.

The app has grown in numerous ways since launch, and that’s in terms of the number of slots, the number of regular players and one particularly pivotal moment in the game’s history. Playtika launched the game and saw some great success and, just like IGT did with DoubleDown, Caesars Entertainment came along and purchased a stake in the company. By December 2011, only a year after launch, they owned Slotomania in its entirety – and yes, we do mean that Caesars.